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New Screen Shot.

Use your Tech Quiz results to fill in any learning gaps you found (watch the specific videos or readings and apply them.)  Model something you learned with a peer or your students.  In your Digital Portfolio write a paragraph which includes the following four areas:
A summary of your results:  I was really surprised when the results said that “I type faster than 40 words per minute with no errors. Yeah!” was Incorrect.  Why would that be incorrect?  AND “The type of computer I use (can check more than one) and my answer was “Windows PC, iPad, Macintosh” was incorrect.  REALLY???  I do use all three!  Anyway, the rest didn’t surprise me.  I actually did know the answer to the AUP question, I just didn’t know the acronym: AUP!  Anyway, in spite of using a computer for email, data bases, and word processing, I knew  I was technologically illiterate and was not surprised at my poor score.  I did watch the video, took a LOT of screen shots, and, in the end actually Googled some of the answers.  I had switched from only PC to PC and MacBook Air about a year ago, and hadn’t learned anything about the Apple shortcuts.  So, this quiz forced the issue and I have learned a lot.  I also have saved a lot, so if I am “stuck” I have a folder with all the information Basic 1 provided.
Something new you learned:  I think the most fun and momentarily useful thing I learned was how to take a screen shot.  Also, I learned about some of the Browser Gymnastics, but I will be leaning on my notes for some of it, too.
What you modeled and to whom:  I modeled taking a screen shot to my husband because he is a computer wizard (I have leaned on him and haven’t needed to learn) and he didn’t believe I had actually learned anything!
How this process (Quiz-quiz results-tutorials-practice skills) worked: This is a double edged question.  1.  It worked well for me.  2.  The process means that you find the difference of what you know and what you don’t know.  Then you focus on what you don’t know.  You don’t need to learn what you already know.  Practice makes perfect and in order to really learn a skill, teach it.  This process works well for most people. And most people are really being bored in a class where they are being taught something they already know.

2.   Open your school (or work) web site in a browser, and the 21things4tearchers site in another window.  Arrange them side by side and take a screenshot for your Digital Portfolio to identify where you will be applying your knowledge from this course.

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2 thoughts on “Basics

  1. Hi Dyann!
    The tech survey you took was just for your information and the setup of correct/incorrect is not as important. I did not create the survey but I am assuming that is was chosen with one correct answer when in actuality, a couple of options are correct.

    I appreciate your learning and willingness to work until you are able to teach the skill – that is awesome!

    Nice screenshot – are you able to do a split screen so that you can see both full screens?


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