Cloud Initiation

Thing 4:  Cloud Initiation

1.  Symbaloopage URL for Dyann:  This is the bookmarking tool of my choice.

2.Dropbox Link for document

1: Link for document

2: for document


3. What these new practices might look like in my environment.

a.Teaching basic reading and GED skills to adults is difficult because they don’t have a lot of background knowledge they need.  I think Symbaloopage is going to be fantastic because I can assign each student what to look for or do on it.

4. Thoughtful response on how this changed my own practice.

a. I already use Dropbox at home, and didn’t want to mix the two, but now I  have learned how to share just the folders I want to share.

b. Also, since my husband set up my Dropbox, and set up my computers to automatically save to Dropbox, I have never actually explored it and realized how easy it is to use.  I shall save all of my school files, now, on Dropbox.  AND, since I use two separate logins at school and 2 different data bases, etc, this will simplify my school life incredibly!

c. I know that I will use Symbaloo.  I have been teaching 8 adults basic reading skills (basic phonics, basic sequencing, basic inferences, etc.) and just recently I found that if I use “fun” reading and challenging skills, rather than the GED and ABE “worksheets” the students are having a lot of fun.  Also, with the lack of background knowledge, I have been getting side tracked a lot.  Now, I can (instead of printing off all the things I want them to read) direct them to Symbaloo and the icon I want them to use and we will be off and running.  I am really looking forward to using this tool.

d.  Lastly, I wrote this on a different computer.  I pulled up Dropbox and copied and pasted it in.  My, this is GREAT!


One thought on “Cloud Initiation

  1. Perfect! Isn’t it grand to find tools that simplify our lives. Your realization that a tool (set up for you by someone else) you have been using for a while is rather simple to use is a great ah-ha moment! Nice job at infusing appropriate tools such as Symbaloo into your classroom teaching.


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