Thing 6: Communication

Thing 6:  Communication

Choice #2

Since my “classroom” is 1:1 adult ed and online mentoring of 6 high school students, I decided to use Chatzy as a way to meet this Thing.  As I work only 1/2 time, often our staff meetings are held while I am not at work.  Another person has an office in two cities, so we used Chatzy as the communicator.

In looking at the 10 reasons to use Back Channel Chats, I found, in this particular case, that Chatzy helped a lot with #1 Keeping Up, #3 Transferring knowledge, #7 Clarification and #8 Review.

The biggest problem with Chatzy is that you can’t hear other participants.  Someone has to type in the information at the actual meeting. The second issue with Chatzy is that it doesn’t like screen shots to be dragged and dropped in here, so I took pictures of them, emailed them, then had jpegs I could drag and drop.   So here are the screen shots of Chatzy.
IMG_4547 IMG_4548


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