1.   Bill.mp3 This is Bill’s obituary. (unfortunately like others in the Moodle blog, I couldn’t upload it, either.)  Weird, I know.  Would never use it with students, but what I was trying to make MP3 kept failing.  I really like this feature.  I wonder if there is a program that might read a little more smoothly or more quickly.  My adult students often read slowly and I think this may help speed them up.

2.  The link to my Google Calendar|week-2+22896+22902+22901

3.  became:  This is a website created by my daughter in law who is writing children’s books with African American main characters.  I found Bitly an especially easy way to shorten the URL, but the shortened name didn’t include the original name, so it could be confusing.

4.  The link to my Evernote.  I can’t figure out the narration bit.

5:  Here is the LiveBinder Link:   I think this is one of the best things we’ve learned so far for adult ed.  I can add anything to it and each person can use it at their level.

5.  part 2  This is the link to Face of Your Classroom.




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