Thing 11: Content Area

Content Area

From the Teaching Channel:
Using Video to Reflect on Teaching and Learning
After looking at several videos, I found this one most appropriate to high school and adult learners, and most appropriate to improving my teaching style and my students’ learning.  If I had to choose a single one to share, this would be it, because the rest are more commonly known, I think.  (U-Tube, National Geographic, etc.)


I really like both these sites.   Watch, Know, Learn because you can easily set the age of the students you have, it has a 5 star rating system for each video and it shows how many views each video has.  National Geographic because it already has a very good reputation.

I was able to find several videos useful for background knowledge in science and social studies very quickly and easily.

Audio:  This  a database of podcasts about new parents’ trials.  I think this would be particularly good with inner city teachers, so I shared it with  niece who teaches in inner city Milwaukee for her young moms. The problem with this site is that I thought there would be a specific podcast about a baby at night, but it is just the title of the database.  It took a while to figure this out.


I know, I should have shortened this link!  It is the National Geographic’s Podcast link.  Again, I was able to find several good podcasts that provide background knowledge for science and social studies.


Radiolab Podcasts
This site offers a variety of “radio hour” type of stories that lend themselves to group discussion and to background knowledge for science and social studies. I have shared it with other adult education teachers because our students are very short on background knowledge and our students actually love to learn about new things.  The problem is that teachers typically have very little time to explore new ideas and I haven’t received feedback, yet.


The benefits of a good night’s sleep on Ted-Ed.

2.  Michigan Learns Online:  Ted-Ed Tour: Flip any video to build a lesson

I will use the benefits of a good nights sleep video, and flip it using the information in the blog.


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