Capstone: Things 8-14

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Thing 9: Be Legal and Fair


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Unknowingly broken copyright laws?  Not so much since the school where I used to teach did a really good job in professional development of teaching exactly what we could and could not do with copyright.

But to answer question 2 of Be Legal and Fair, anytime anyone breaks the copyright law, the creator of the work used… the music, the video, the essay, whatever…can be affected.  Their work has basically been stolen, and the creator has not been appropriately compensated for its use.

Also, the audience also is affected because it makes them feel it is okay to use copyrighted material indiscriminately.  The “everyone does it” syndrome.

Each time I use images, music, video, etc, I try to make sure it is NOT copyrighted, OR I use the Fair Use rules.  When I use copyrighted written material, I paraphrase and give the owner of the copyright credit using MLA format.


Creative Commons License
Face of the Classroom by Dyann Chenault is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


I ran a two paragraph piece that one of my students wrote through both Paper Rater and Plag Tracker.  I liked Paper Rater as it showed problems with the student’s actual writing, and I liked Plag Tracker as it proved that she had actually written the entire piece herself.  I really like both of these in combination and I can see how it would help the student improve her writing AND me proving there isn’t plagarism!  Great sites!

Digital Citizenship: Thing 8

#1.  Because of all of the recent suicides (including a 12 year old here in Coloma), and having grandchildren in elementary school, I have researched Bullying, which includes Themes 5, 7 and 8.  I want to share the following sites with my Adult Ed students and friends who have school aged children:  (Oversharing:  Think Before You Post)  (Bullying Prevention)  (Bullying At School and Online)  (Bullying)

#2.  I have included the above in my Face of My Classroom

#3. I shared the video “Oversharing:  Think Before You Post” with a teacher in the Milwaukee Public Schools, who has taught at several inner city high schools. I asked her what she thought about using this as a homeroom activity:  Show the video and use it as a spring board for class discussion.

Take a look at the video:
Oversharing:  Think Before You Post
It has 10 Rules and is aimed at inner city kids:
Remember the Golden Rule
Don’t Brag
Think about the reader
Keep relationship details to yourself
Don’t be cryptic
Quit complaining
Don’t post what you don’t want your grandmother to see (Curate_
Change your settings:  private
Post Smart, spread love
This her response:  “Is the video a flocabulary vid? “(yes) “Those are great. I use them a lot.

The video is informative and … is an awesome video. I’d say it was great.”